Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Serious Turn On

I just finished a  frame for a painting I did about a year ago. The painting was originally part of a diptych, but I sold the other panel-  light bulb hit with a hammer. With just the original bulb painting left, I thought it needed something to electrify it.
I built the frame out of  pine and MDF (a plywood type material made out of paper that is easy to work, sand and cut).
It has a red primer finish, topped with flat black. The top coat is sanded to show some of the red and the entire frame waxed and dusted with rottenstone. Sorry for the terrible photo- as I tend to post a lot of photos on this blog that I am apologizing for, let's just call it my photographic "style".

 Bright Idea, 3 1/2 x 5, oil on linen, 2010, © Richard J. Luschek II


Sandra Galda said...

This is not only a "bright" idea, but a brilliant idea! Any plans on producing and selling this frame? --from a current Ingbretson student :)

Richard J. Luschek II said...

Thanks. Glad you like it.
As often as I seem to get myself in trouble with my crazy ideas that involve me making frames, I always regret it when I am in the middle of it. My wife keeps asking, "You want to be a painter or a framer?"
The answer is painter. So, no plans to make frames for sale.
Though I am sure I will get myself in trouble again soon enough.

Sandra Galda said...

Understandable and sensible. Still, it is a great idea!