Friday, September 14, 2007

Finished Commision

I finally delivered a commission I have been working on for a couple months. This is a five paneled still life done to represent a couples 30 years together. I got the idea to do it as a series, basically showing when they meet, their early marriage, their daughters, the present, and the future. I used various things from their home, and some photos to push the story. There are all kinds of hidden and subtle elements that you can look for. For example the pearls, the traditional gift for the 30th are arranged in an S, their last initial.
I wanted it to look like a chain of events so I built a frame out of oak that is hinged together in a chain. I stained the oak dark and gold leafed the inset. Each image is 8x10, with the frame it is over 5 feet long. The nice thing is that it can be hung on the wall or be placed as a free standing unit. I will post closeups soon.

Fall Landscape painting class

Here is a link to U.C.s website and below is the information.

Plein-Air is a French expression which means “in the open air.” Experience the pleasure of painting, of self-expression, and of seeing the world in a new way as you meet at various locations and scenic parks around Cincinnati to learn to sketch and to paint with oils. Drawing on the ideas of impressionism, you will practice the techniques needed to complete painted sketches, including basic composition, value, pattern, color spotting, and covering the canvas. Then, building on those skills, you will complete a larger fully realized landscape painting that will capture the impression of light and color of the Cincinnati landscape. In case of rain, we will arrange to meet indoors or in parks with overhead cover. Details and directions to the various locations will be given in class. No experience necessary. Richard Luschek studied classical painting under Boston painter Paul Ingbretson for three years after earning his BFA degree with UC’s DAAP program. In addition to working as an artist and maintaining his own art studio, he has taught with the Art Academy of Cincinnati and he also teaches classes privately in his studio.
• Sat., 10 am-1 pm; (you may bring a brown bag lunch or snack if you wish); Sept. 22-Nov. 10; 8 wks; $175 (no discounts); Supplies will be furnished by students and a list will be sent with your confirmation of enrollment or see
www.; #3715-01
Location: First class meets at artist’s studio in Eden Park; then at various parks thereafter.