Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Frames Anonymous

I am thinking of starting a program or support group for painters where we can get together and discuss our addictions. There are two main passions most painters have difficulty controlling, the first being our overpowering need to be surrounded by piles of books. Mostly art books, but titles on poetry, philosophy and history are often included on the shelves. The second is a constant search for frames for our paintings.
Mine specifically focuses on looking for and buying old, unusual frames. I have a growing collection and have recently come to realize, through the growing insistence of my wife, that I may have reached a limit for frame ownership. This limit is mostly due to the fact that the frames are empty and do currently contain any of my paintings.
Another unfortunate problem is that many of the frames that I like, are kind of tough to fit with appropriate paintings, and an eventual owner. Which it turns out is a goal a painter should have- getting framed work into collector's homes.
Recently I purchased a set of five large frames from an online auction. They were part of a set of frames for stations of the cross and hung in a Catholic church at some point. The frames will hold a painting 33" X 24". Honestly, of all the crazy old frames I have drug home, these have the most potential. They are pretty classic and simple frames that could accept portrait, figurative, landscape or still life. I am pretty excited about this purchase.

They need a bit of work but are generally in pretty good shape, with all the molding intact. There is one small piece missing, but I will be able to replicate it. They are painted gold, but I am not sure if that is the original finish. They are oak I believe, so stripping them down and finishing with a wood stain may be a possibility. Though, getting the paint off may be more trouble than it is worth. I may just paint them black and add some gold leaf to the inset at the opening.

I think these will be great frames for a series or group of similar paintings.
Of course, as I unload the piles of frames from my van into the house, the big issue is figuring where to put them. I have a lot of other large frames that are stacked around in my basement waiting for paintings. I am close to ending up on one of those hoarder reality TV shows.

Below is a very cool frame I purchased at an antique store a few years ago, shown leaning up against my garage. It is an awesome frame- also from a set of stations of the cross. This painting will need a pretty impressive  and unique picture. I may remove some of the overtly religious symbolism to allow for a broader range of subjects to fit in this frame. 

This frame I got out of an old house a friend of mine was rehabbing. This was over the mantle and probably held a mirror at one time. It has some wood missing from the carved creatures and needs molding to finish it out at the bottom. Again, it is large and requires a grand subject.

I think I may have admit that I have a problem and stop buying old frames until I have filled a few with paintings and placed them in galleries or homes. I suppose I should get to work. If anyone wants to commission a special painting or subject for the above frames, let me know.

Artists!- contact me if you also have a frame and/or book buying problem and want to talk about it. The first step is admitting that you have a problem- and then letting me know if you have any cool frames you want to sell me.
We could meet in a very cool antique store in town that has a lot of still life objects. OK, maybe I have three addictions.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A few Valentine's Day shows

I have some work in a few local shows I thought I would share.
Off To The Races, 12"X 9", oil on linen, ©copyright Richard Luschek 2012

Cincinnati Art Galleries, LLC
Please join us on Valentine’s Day

Thursday, February 14th
4pm - 7pm
to view over 50 paintings priced from $250 to $3,500
Enjoy Art, Drink Wine & Bring Your Valentine

225 East 6th Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Exhibition continues through March 15th

==========OPEN TO THE PUBLIC=========

Friday, February 8th .........6:00 to 8:00 p.m.    Opening reception
Yeah, I know, we missed it. 

The Show continues Saturdays and Sundays:   

Open for viewing: Sat. & Sun., Feb. 9, 10, 1-4 p.m./Feb. 16, 17, 1-4 p.m.

Copper and White, 14"X 11", oil on linen, ©copyright Richard Luschek 2013

The Cincinnati Art Club is located at the foot of Mt. Adams at the corner
of Parkside Place and Martrin Drive.  Our nearby neighbors are Playhouse
in the Park and Krohn Conservatory.

Use for directions from your home
to 1021 Parkside Place, Cincinnati, Oh 45202

The Third and final ongoing show is at Gallery 42.

Basement Still Life- Storage Closet #2, Oil on linen, 16 x 20
©copyright Richard Luschek 2012
117 West Main St., Mason, OH 45040
Contact:   513.234.7874
The show will feature my new Basement Series and other various still life and landscape.