Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Solo Show at UC Clermont College

Paintings by Richard Luschek

(vĕr'ə-sĭ-mĭl'ĭ-tūd', -tyūd')n.
1. The quality of appearing to be true or real.
2. Something that has the appearance of being true or real.
[August 1-29 August]:
A selection of oil paintings by me. The show will include still life, portrait and local landscapes. There will be a lot of brand new work. So new in fact, that some of it will still be wet. I still have one painting I want to finish by the opening, it is not looking hopeful, but I am trying.

Artist reception will be Friday 8 August @ 6:30 - 9:30 PM. Hope to see you there. There will be snacks, but UC doesn't allow the serving of alcohol, so we will all have to go elsewhere for drinking.
At the UC Clermont College Art Gallery, 4200 Clermont College Drive, Batavia, OH 45103.
Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Closed Saturday and Sunday
More info @ 513.558.1215 &
Click here for directions.

I will be standing by the road near this sign for the duration of the show. Make it worth my effort and come and see my work.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Painting In Situ

As I am the proud owner of the largest, single private collection of Richard Luschek art, it is nice when someone else out there joins that elite and club of intelligent* art collectors with tons of taste who own some of my work.
I have been thinking of selling off most of my collection, so I was happy when someone walked into the Rottinghaus gallery and decided to buy one.

Here is a picture of it installed in the house.

Looks pretty good in the space don't you think? I fits perfectly in the molding above the fireplace- like it was made for that spot. The painting is 2' x 4'. It looks small in this house.
Of course I can't really tell you where the house is or who owns it. All I can say is that the password to their security system is "Swordfish". I made that up, but I have to say, if I had the money to have a security system, I would totally use "swordfish" as my password.

*I think it is hilarious that when ever I type a posting like this, I almost always misspell the word "intelegent".

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Small works

I have started doing a series of small paintings, just about the time that my wife and I decided I should really be working bigger.

I do have one larger painting going, and plan on doing more soon, but in addition I have been doing these tiny ones. I have just been trying to set up some interesting abstractions with just a few objects.

Here are two 3" x 3" panels- oil on linen I did them pretty much at the same time. I tried to make each of them work on their own and be interesting as a pair.
I haven't worked on a title yet. Ideas?

I built some nice frames for these out of simple pressure treated 2x4 lumber. I just rough cut it and put it together, and added bolt in the corners for decoration. I think the bolts are a bit shiny and might look better rusty.
Otherwise, I think they work pretty well.

Next I have been doing a few small espresso cups. I will post the first image. The other two will go up when they are finished. They are all 3" x 5", oil on linen. I started these when Kim from Rottinghaus Gallery gave me two really nice 3 x 5 frames to work with. This third one happened when I painted it on the panel and forgot that frames cut off a 1/4" all the way around, and the cup was cut off. You would think I would have learned that lesson by now. So I had to build a frame that did not cut off major parts of the painting.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Landscape sword

As you know from the previous post, our room mate died. Bill got piles of junk mail, and as it comes in I have been contacting the companies to have him taken off their mailing list. He got a lot of army surplus and knife catalogs. So I was online to one of the sword catalogs , and then ended up buying something.
I do a lot of medieval illustrations for a company called Columbia Games. So I thought I would buy myself a Viking sword, as it was on sale. Laura my wife takes a lot of photos of me posing for these illustrations, and I usually just hold a yard stick for the sword, but figured the actual thing, or at least a cheap Chinese reproduction of the actual thing would be nice.
Then I got to thinking, how awesome it would be if I just wore it all the time? Well, it would be pretty cool I think. I could at least wear it when I am landscape painting. I could use it to point at the scene to be painted, to trim down canvases, to hack my way through the underbrush, as a maul stick, and most importantly, to fend off all of those people that want to come up and tell you about some cousin they have that paints. I bet they would be reluctant to bring their kids up to see my painting and interrupt me if I had a three foot long sword in my hand.
So, anyone taking my landscape painting class, should consider buying the sword.
I am attaching a photo of the weapon and a fictional reenactment of how totally bad ass I will look painting with the sword in my hand. Cool huh?
I am counting the days till my sword arrives.