Sunday, July 20, 2008

Painting In Situ

As I am the proud owner of the largest, single private collection of Richard Luschek art, it is nice when someone else out there joins that elite and club of intelligent* art collectors with tons of taste who own some of my work.
I have been thinking of selling off most of my collection, so I was happy when someone walked into the Rottinghaus gallery and decided to buy one.

Here is a picture of it installed in the house.

Looks pretty good in the space don't you think? I fits perfectly in the molding above the fireplace- like it was made for that spot. The painting is 2' x 4'. It looks small in this house.
Of course I can't really tell you where the house is or who owns it. All I can say is that the password to their security system is "Swordfish". I made that up, but I have to say, if I had the money to have a security system, I would totally use "swordfish" as my password.

*I think it is hilarious that when ever I type a posting like this, I almost always misspell the word "intelegent".

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