Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Small works

I have started doing a series of small paintings, just about the time that my wife and I decided I should really be working bigger.

I do have one larger painting going, and plan on doing more soon, but in addition I have been doing these tiny ones. I have just been trying to set up some interesting abstractions with just a few objects.

Here are two 3" x 3" panels- oil on linen I did them pretty much at the same time. I tried to make each of them work on their own and be interesting as a pair.
I haven't worked on a title yet. Ideas?

I built some nice frames for these out of simple pressure treated 2x4 lumber. I just rough cut it and put it together, and added bolt in the corners for decoration. I think the bolts are a bit shiny and might look better rusty.
Otherwise, I think they work pretty well.

Next I have been doing a few small espresso cups. I will post the first image. The other two will go up when they are finished. They are all 3" x 5", oil on linen. I started these when Kim from Rottinghaus Gallery gave me two really nice 3 x 5 frames to work with. This third one happened when I painted it on the panel and forgot that frames cut off a 1/4" all the way around, and the cup was cut off. You would think I would have learned that lesson by now. So I had to build a frame that did not cut off major parts of the painting.


Stephen Cefalo said...

I must say, these are very nice paintings. I love the frame on the nuts and bolts piece, too. nice work on modeling the hardware. Seriosly, I love these.

Daniel said...

"Screw This" -title suggestion for the panels.

Anonymous said...

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