Friday, September 14, 2007

Finished Commision

I finally delivered a commission I have been working on for a couple months. This is a five paneled still life done to represent a couples 30 years together. I got the idea to do it as a series, basically showing when they meet, their early marriage, their daughters, the present, and the future. I used various things from their home, and some photos to push the story. There are all kinds of hidden and subtle elements that you can look for. For example the pearls, the traditional gift for the 30th are arranged in an S, their last initial.
I wanted it to look like a chain of events so I built a frame out of oak that is hinged together in a chain. I stained the oak dark and gold leafed the inset. Each image is 8x10, with the frame it is over 5 feet long. The nice thing is that it can be hung on the wall or be placed as a free standing unit. I will post closeups soon.

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Joe Slucher said...

This turned out really nice Richard.