Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don't Be Like Pierre

Pierre Brassau  was a four-year-old West African chimpanzee from Sweden's Boras zoo who never took my landscape painting class. Look at his work hanging on the wall behind him. It is awful.

Put your opposable thumbs to good use and sign up for my landscape painting class. If you have never painted before but have always wanted to, this is a great introductory class that will take the fear out of oil painting.  This class is for both hobbyists and professionals. It is great for teens trying to build a portfolio for college. Those that have taken this class multiple times see continued improvement. I  introduce the techniques in a simple, easy to understand manner, not mention it is loads of fun.
Here is the information, and a link to sign up.
Sat., 10 am-1 pm; April 09-May 28; 8 wks; $189 (no discounts), supplies are the student’s responsibility. A list will be sent with your enrollment confirmation or see 
Location: First class meets at my studio in Eden Park; then at various parks thereafter.
Click here to register.

Till then, read these books. 

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