Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Force And A Can Of Soup.

 The Force And A Can Of Soup, 8 x10, oil on panel, 2011, © Richard Luschek
I just finished a painting I had started as a demo for a local grade school. I posted about that event here.
Thought I might show the stages of the painting, beginning to end.

This is the painting after a little more than an hour painting surrounded by kids, it is very loose and wet and I did my best to cover the canvas with the right color and value. Drawing is minimal, just for placement and done in a very abstract way. I did this demonstration under a mix of bounced natural light and florescent lighting. It was not ideal, but it worked fine.

After packing up, I moved the set up to my studio, and did my best to replicate it. I had to move it around the studio till I got lighting that was close. I ended up directly under the skylight. I needed some bounce light, so I placed a panel just out of the scene to throw some cool light on the back of the can and Yoda. I spent an hour just repainting the scene with the new colors and values that I was now seeing in the studio, in addition to some improvement to the drawing and proportion.

 A few more hours refining image. It was a terribly dark day in the studio. I had hoped to finish it this day, but it was such a dark dreary day I had to quit early.

Today was a beautiful sunny, spring-like day and I was able to spend a few more hours. I think it is finished.


Marilyn B. said...

This painting I hope you sell--
May 21st is Talk Like Yoda Day!

Sandra Galda said...

"Cool this is,,,"