Thursday, December 23, 2010

He Framed Me

The frame for my newest painting was completed this week. I dropped by the framer's shop the other day for a test fit. Now I just need to finish the painting- which is very close.

Above is Joe Stewart masterfully placing the frame on the painting. Joe Stewart is a local home builder that has in the last few years began painting landscapes himself. He builds fine Arts and Crafts furniture and his frames are right at home hanging over those pieces. For years my wife has been yelling at me that my paintings don't always need a gaudy gold frame with all the fru fru. She kept pushing for dark wood frames. Of course I could not listen to her advice immediately. I had to wait a few years, until it almost seemed like it was my idea.
For this new painting I decided to go with a dark wood frame. I selected a warm silver liner that goes well with this painting which is primarily cool. I ordered the liner from Rottinghaus frame shop which I then gave to Joe so he could build the frame around it. He has a good selection of moldings, most of which are cut from quarter sawn oak. He could put together pretty much any thing you need including frames made for diptychs, triptychs and quadruptychs.

Here are a few more of his moldings and some of the finishes he offers.

He uses aniline dyes to stain the wood, often using multiple coats till he gets the tone he wants. The frame is coated with a thinned shellac and then rubbed with clear or colored waxes, which are buffed out to beautiful deep finish.
If you would like to order a frame I suggest you call him. He does custom work, and they are very affordable. He is also willing to build a house to go around your new frame if you are interested. It is a considerable up-charge, but I think if you need both a frame and a house, he may offer some sort of deal.
To purchase these frames, contact Rottinghaus Gallery and ask for the Joe Stewart line of frames. 513-871-3662

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