Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SOLD! To the guy in the funny hat.

Who'll give me a thousand dollars?
One thousand dollar bid, now two,
now two, will ya give me two?
Two thousand dollar bid, now three,
now three thousand, will ya give me three?
Two thousand two and a half, two-fifty,
How about two-fifty? fifty? fifty? fifty? I got it!
How about two sixty? sixty? sixty?
I've got two sixty, now seventy?
how about seventy? two-seventy?

Luschek-Father and Son (diptych)-22x28- oil
I am working with The Brigham Galleries [], a new Fine Art Auction House, and their first "Beta" auction just went live.   Art Lots are original, tightly edited, and of many genres.  The auction is only for special guests and I thought of you- all of my wonderful Blog followers.
The advantage of a ‘Beta’ auction is that you are participating in a semi-private, trial auction and will not encounter much competition.  You can find high-quality, original Fine Art at extraordinary prices.  Kinks are expected in a Beta auction, so make sure to report them to
Thanks for taking a look, enjoy all the beautiful art work! 

Especially mine. 


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