Sunday, April 25, 2010

OK, This Time It's the Real Deal

The above is a photo of an reenactment of the auction if it were to happen in an actual auction house, if all the work being sold was mine, and if I were the auctioneer.

Just a quick message to let you know that there is a second auction going on at the Brigham Galleries. The opening auction mentioned in my last post was a test auction to see how things worked and to test for any problems. I did get two bids on my work, but they were not very close to the reserve price. So, to make things more reasonable the starting bids have been set to a level more realistic to the expected price.
So have a look again, and tell anyone you know that needs some wonderful art for their house. These prices are going to be a bit cheaper than you would see in a gallery, so it is good time to pick up some top notch work for very good prices.
Now, I of course am biased, and think you should definitely bid on the following paintings. Click Here