Thursday, January 8, 2009

Insult Comic

I wanted to post a link to blog that I enjoy for it's insight on art and illustration. David Apatoff writes some very thought provoking commentary and in my opinion is a very talented critic. I have always been fond of good art criticism. It is so incredibly lacking these days. It is of the opinion that anyone can be a critic. Folks with no real knowledge of the subject write about and criticize in some of the top publications today. There is rarely a critic that does anything more than voice their opinion. That is only part of the job, and usually you do not find anyone with the ability to intelligently discuss the qualities that make something good or bad. There have been some great critics, and some of the best are usually masters of the craft of which they are criticizing. Whistler and Oscar Wilde for example. Today we have very few of note. Tom Wolfe is of serious note and his book the Painted Word is a joy to read. Anyone confused by modern art should read it.
Back to the Illustration Art blog, I think his comments have some weight and intelligence. I try my best to comment on topics like this as well, but if David Apatoff is today's Oscar Wilde than I, with my silly blog, am more akin to Don Rickles. While I write with sarcasm, he quotes Shakespeare. Now, I don't always agree with him, and I think he occasionally missed the point, his writing is always uplifting and discussing the higher ideals of what are important in art and illustration.
I suggest that you keep reading this blog, as I still occasionally find it (myself) hilarious, and I do post art that I am working on, I would suggest that you also look at the Illustration Art blog. It is pure poetry. He also has an intelligent following so the comments and discussion is also pretty exciting. Go there now- well, go there after you religiously read all of my posts.


David Apatoff said...

Richard, thanks for a very generous post (although what's this business about "I think he occasionally missed the point..."???????)

It's funny, I always feel I should struggle against my natural tendency to write in a ponderous and bloviating style, while you seem to question whether you should be writing like Don Rickles. I guess we all have our natures, and we can all think of ways they might benefit from pruning, if such a thing were possible.

Anyway, I enjoyed looking at your blog very much-- I agree that it is funny-- and I shall be back.

Richard J. Luschek II said...

I have a tendency to write in a sarcastic, bloviating, "my God that guy is an ass", kind of style. What are you going to do. I usually have my wife try be the judge. I try to criticize, though this is not comfortably allowed in art, using humor to cut the edge a bit.
I suppose instead of saying that you "miss the point" I should have said that you are very much more accepting than I.
I occasionally am scratching my head at some illustrators that you shower with praise, but I always enjoy your insight and discussion. Keep it up! and by keep it up, I mean keep up on reading my blog.