Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finished A Painting

I finally finished the still life I have been working on. Actually this one went pretty fast really. I had some issues with the design, but I think it turned out well. I have some issues that involve me being overly satisfied with a design before it's time.
The next issue was that I set this up using an old newspaper from 2006. It was too yellow. At first I liked it, as a design element, but it kept coming up as a problem to people that saw the painting. "Why is there an old paper in the painting?"
Finally, after my friend, and artistic uncle Carl Samson smacked me around, I changed it. I hate to admit it, but it is better.
Also, please note, that I am terrible at photographing my work. My camera is 6 years old and the guy behind it is much older (though I don't think that matters as much).

Coffee and Cigar (working title), 22 x 14, oil on linen, 2009
I may spend another day on this tweaking some things.

I also thought I would add a giff with all the photos I shot of the work in progress. Would be nice to figure out how to get the images a bit closer in temperature, but you get the point.

-OK, there is no giff. I tried to make a giff that would play through the 13 photos I shot of the painting throughout the process. It did not work. Watch here for a posting of the giff.

There is this- Click here, it will be up for only 7 days.

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deidre said...

this is great! nice form. is that a unicorn on the cup? unicorns are much better than kittens, go with it!