Thursday, June 26, 2008

R.I.P. Bill Wurster

My wife and I had a tenant for four years that unexpectedly decided to move out. He had been having some diabetes related health issues, and was acting kind of strange. He was sending me strange emails that were at times paranoid and other times like he was trying to connect in some way. He was not a person you could get close to, but I tried to make some sort of connection by sending him a link to this blog, he quickly replied saying that he doesn't read blogs.
Well, he eventually did read it and sent this as a reply: "Some of the humor is probably not too appreciated by some of the general public, but what the heck. I think putting your life out to dry in the public sector so people can watch your life unfold is a little hoakie."

Interesting point actually, but I am going to do it again, and finish by telling you that two days after moving out, Bill passed away. Even though I can't say we were close, his passing effected me pretty hard. The night he died, as he walked out of our house for the last time, there was something noticeably tired and sad about it. I knew he was sick, but I never thought that would be the last time I would see him.

It has been almost a month since his passing. Some of his friends were in town today from Detroit to go through his stuff and take care of business as they are the beneficiaries of his will.
Talking to them about Bill got me thinking that I should post something about him on the blog.

So, as this is a blog mostly about my art or my puffed up opinions on art, I will post some images of art that Bill used to do in his cluttered room.
He used to make beaded jewelry and little religious icons and other primitive pieces of artwork. He loved to comment on the paintings I would bring home and hang in the kitchen. He seemed to think I had a problem with objects in my paintings leaning to the right. Not sure I ever figured out what he was talking about. I started to think that he was the one with the problem, but he occasionally had some good criticisms.
Here are two small pieces he did for the Secret ArtWorks show two years ago.

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Crystal said...

hi. i work at Sitwell's where Bill was a 3 visit a day regular. There is a memorial for him tomorrow 9/10/2008 from 5:30 - ? I too was greatly affected by his passing. He was a good guy - smart and talented. I think he touched a lot more people than he may have realized. <3