Friday, December 30, 2011

Painting Under Rainbows

Today was a crazy day in the studio. It seemed to alternate between having a dark black cloud parked over my sky light hitting it with wind and rain blocking every last bit of my north light, to clear blue sky, big white clouds around bright rainbows filling my studio with glorious light. As magical as that sounds it was mostly dark and rainy. In general, a pretty rough painting day. As much as I have tried, shaking your fist at the heavens while cursing never helps the lighting situation.
I still managed to lay in a little diptych today. I pulled this off in a few hours and think I can finish it up easily next session- in a few days after it dries.

Cream and Sugar, diptych, Each panel 7" x 5", Oil on Linen, © copyright Richard Luschek 2011

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