Friday, December 16, 2011

The Nuts and Bolts of Painting

I recently found a bunch of tiny 3" x 5" oval frames at the Castner Frame warehouse, so I made some canvas panels to fit them and am going to try to finish a set a week- until they are all filled.
I like doing these little guys, as I can play with composition in an oval rather than the normal rectangular format. I can cover the canvas and get some form, value and color fairly quickly- I spent maybe an hour and a half on these. If you design pictures you know that sometime the corners of the picture can be tough. Solution: paint pictures without corners.

So, here are the paintings with the setup to the right. Once these dry I will dive back in with a fresh eye and fix the problems- starting with the thing that is most off in a big sense. Probably value and color. Then refine the drawing a bit. I should be able to finish these up pretty quickly.

I shot these at an angle to remove the glare and now they are a bit wonky. I tried to square them up- but they are ovals, so...... I will post the finished paintings soon.

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