Friday, February 25, 2011

Shot of Espresso

 Espresso with Cream, 5x5, oil on linen, © Richard Luschek 2011
 Thought I would post some new work. I am in the process of setting up some bigger still lifes, which always takes me a while. So, until I can figure out the designs of those bigger pictures I have been painting some little guys. I enjoy working in these smaller formats, as it is easier to play around with the arrangement of the stuff in the square. It calls for closer and more intimate viewing.  Plus I can finish them in a day or two.
I wish my stuff looked better in photos, I swear to you this looks better in person. I am not just saying that.Go to the gallery and see for yourself.
Apples and Tea- 12:30, 5x5, oil on linen, © Richard Luschek 2011 (left Painting)
Apples and Tea- 1:08, 5x5, oil on linen, © Richard Luschek 2011 (right Painting)

 When I was studying in New Hampshire a frame shop in the building of the studio went out of business. We got to pick through the left over junk. I grabbed a few nice things. One of my favorite things was a simple horizontal pencil holder that I keep on my palette to hold brushes. While I am working I can set down a brush and not worry about it rolling through the paint on the palette.
The second acquisition were two keystone shaped silver leaf frames. I have tried to paint for them before and have failed on two separate occasions. I think I finally did some paintings I am happy with to fit in these frames. I set up a light lunch scene and did a before and after kind of thing. The apple was delicious.
I enjoy the slight change of view point from one painting to the next. I zoomed in on the apple core-which I had to paint fast as it turned brown within 30 minutes. I try to compose them so they work together, but make sure they work well on their own. I also thought I would try painting them on a very rough canvas. I really enjoy the texture. I can be almost like working with pastel. You can adjust colors with subtle scumbles and build up a nice surface.
Again, these look better in person.
All of the paintings will be on view at Rottinghaus Custom Framing (513) 871-3662

1983 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45208 
 Tuesday - Saturday, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

 Apples and Tea Framed© Richard Luschek 2011

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JD said...

Fantastic! The apples do, indeed, look delicious. Though I'll refrain from attempting to lick them.

Well done. :D