Sunday, July 26, 2009

I have the power!

Unfortunately this power is an evil curse.
When I started painting this picture, the Cincinnati Reds were fighting for contention in the division. There was a lot of talk about how good they were doing- talk about winning the division, talk about playoffs. Big excitement for our team. A few days into the painting, someone gave me tickets to see a game. It was the first game I had seen in the new stadium. I was looking forward to it. I am not a big sports guy. I thought it would be fun to watch the team score some goal units.

They lost 1-10.
These were box seats, so even though the game was not the most exciting I had seen, I was able to eat my weight in free pizza and ice cream bars.

I finally finished the painting this week. I just checked and the Reds are not doing so well. They just lost their sixth straight game. They are not in last place, but close.

Coincidence? Seems pretty unlikely.

After the Game, 15 x 19, Oil on linen

Now, you are probably thinking that I must be extremely ego centric and completely crazy for thinking this.
Well, I am not crazy.

Let me offer more proof:
I started to suspect something last year when I painted another picture. Again, I am not sure that I am completely to blame for the economic collapse (there may have been a few other factors), but things really started to go badly after I did this painting with the Money and Investing section of the paper.

Morning News, 9 x 12, oil on linen

I am really going to have think long are hard about what my next painting is going to be. Should I even think about doing portraits anymore? Someone could get hurt.

Wait, what if the way to break this evil spell is for someone out there to buy these paintings?

That seems completely logical!

If you buy these paintings, you will help the Reds season turn around. We will see them in the playoffs. I can't promise the World Series, once they get to Playoffs they are on their own.
If you buy the coffee and newspaper picture, we will have complete economic recovery.

Contact me about purchasing the above paintings. Just think of the good you will be doing.


Anonymous said...

I don't know...According to your logic, the person who buys these will bring down a curse on themselves and their families for years and years to come. That is not to say your work is not beautiful, but so was the Hope Diamond, and we all know what happened to its first owner...

John said...

Richard - loved your Reds painting. Please stay away from the Bengals. Also don't think of doing anything on health care.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way I could do a nude modeling session with you. I need to get into shape.

Also you could paint me single or with an unattractive female?