Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday night Sketch Group goes digital

I have posted my attempts at using new technology for art. I have Nintendo DS which is normally used for playing mind numbing, time wasting games- a few of which I enjoy. It can be enabled to be used as a digital sketchbook. There is a little pen that you can use to draw on the screen, and a free program that can be downloaded which is like a small version of Photoshop. I have posted some of my attempts in the past, and here are some newer ones. Keep in mind these are not life changing art. They are just little sketches done on a 2" x 3" screen that are fun exersizes.

Digital painting that I never quite finished of the bathroom light.

A coffee cup. I drink too much coffee.

This is a sketch of a thermos. My wife feels that these thermoses have changed her life forever, for the better. Life before this was a lonely and thirsty existence. We own 3 of them and she has even given them out as gifts. While I enjoy a thermos as much as the next guy, my excitement is probably not what she would like it to be- it rarely is. Anyway, I drew a picture of it to display my affection for the thermos and to impress her. Plus it is always fun drawing shinny things.

In a desperate display of one upsmanship, my friend Joe showed up to our sketch group with something much more impressive than my little Nintendo.
There is a group of us that meet every Tuesday night to draw from a figure model. Last night, one of the regular memebers brought a full size digital sketchbook to draw on. It is basically a laptop without a keyboard that has a screen you can draw on like a normal digital tablet. He works digitally most so it is nice to have a rig to work on in the field or you can even look cool and sit in a coffee shop and work on your art work.
Here are some photos of Joe working from the model. I was intrigued, but as you know, new things frighten me, so I will stick to charcoal and pencil for now.


HULK said...

I think that notepad looks good. Although in your hands it would probably be used for mischief. So on second thought I'm not buying you one of those for Christmas.

Joe Slucher said...

I like the composition of the second pic of me.The folds in my pants point to the subject.