Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just too funny

If you read this blog, you know I have a few opinions. I like to discuss the art world, which while it is free and open allowing for one to communicate anything they like to an audience, this has swung wide the door to free thought all the way to complete nonsense- or even lack of any thought. This freedom had removed any responsibility the "artists" has to the public.

Cy Twombly, Sensations of the Moment. MUMOK Ausstellungsansicht / exhibition view. Foto: MUMOK, Lisa Rastl © MUMOK
"You have to admire his consistency."

If you don't get the gibberish they are speaking, it is blamed on the ignorance of the viewer- not the inadequacies of the "artist". Having been to "art school" I am well versed in the complete Bull S%#* that is spilled liberally in those institutions, during critiques and in classes of art history.
We have set up a whole industry around it. Museums and galleries do their best to push and explain it with fancy words, stepping on anyone that is not in on the sham.

"I really like how the squiggly things looks against the jaggedy thing."

I get daily emails from, a site that hosts news, events and discusses trends in the art world. Occasionally they have photos heading their stories that I find absolutely hilarious. They are not supposed to be, but I usually save the image for my own amusement. I thought I would share a few of them. There really is not much to say here. I thought about adding little thought bubbles above the gallery audience that is deep in thought in front of these modern works, but I thought that would be over kill. They are pretty funny all on their own.
-Sorry, I couldn't resist-I decided it wasn't overkill and added my own quotes.

After his close examination he was heard to exclaim, "oh, I get it?! Yellow!"

I plan on discussing this further in relation to public art. Again, any responsibility to the public and the role as a visual communicator has been removed. It is more an exercise in selfish expression. There is a public sculpture near my studio that is a perfect example of what I find a failing system.


HULK said...

What seems amazing to me is how dated that art seems. Like it only belongs in Charlie Sheen's apartment in Wall Street and absolutely no where else.

Stapleton Kearns said...

You are getting way too hung up on what the paintings actually look like.

Richard J. Luschek II said...

True, I should be more worried about what they represent, and what the artists statement says.

HULK said...

you forgot it was about the grammar!

Norman Engel said...

I don't think it is ignorance as much as it is lack of visual vocabulary. I personally enjoy the examples of contemporary art that you have shown. Art that is representational is cool as well as art that come from mind.....I enjoy both, but because of the vast amount of art that I see, I enjoy fresh new and sometimes clever visual stimulus. The world would be so dull with a baroque attitude towards art.