Friday, November 21, 2008


I decided to edit this post due to it's extreme whinny tone. Though I did leave most of it intact.

Let us review last weeks events.
The Indian Hill show was packed. Too packed I think. There were so many people including the artists that it was hard to move. I didn't know where to stand. I want to point out that I am not a salesman. You see what I do, is I paint pictures that occasionally have a hint of truth. The goal is that at some point someone will see them in a gallery, the work will stand on its own, and some may want to take a painting home. These big art fair type shows are a different dynamic. Basically, I am not fond of standing with my art at art shows. I basically felt like an unattractive street walker.
Imagine you are downtown, on your way somewhere fancy, and you happen to notice the prostitute on the corner, you know what she is offering. You don't want it. If you look at her, God forbid you make eye contact, you may have to even acknowledge her. She winks, blows a kiss across the cold sore on her lip. You cringe and hurriedly walk on. Sad story, but you get the point.
That is how I felt most of the night. Though I did not have a cold sore.
I did sell two tiny paintings to other artists that were also showing their work. Selling to artists is always flattering- they were good artists too. The artist next to me was a lovely painter and person (not saying that just because she bought the painting- thought it helps). The first night of the show her 14 year old daughter was with her work as she was at another show. I thought this teenager did a much better job selling her mother's work than I did selling mine. Next year I need to get me one of those 14 year olds to watch my stuff while I go somewhere to drink.

Secret ArtWorks was a big success, though I, like all of the artists, donate their work, I may have gotten a commission out of it. Though they seemed surprised by my price. That is one problem I have with this event in which all of them are sold for $75. Some of them are worth that much or even more . Some I wouldn't pick up off the sidewalk if found laying in the street and I was in need of a 5x7 card to scrap gum off my shoe- but I am an elitist jerk when it comes to gum scraping.
Now that it is no longer a Secret, here are my cards:

A study in Green, oil on linen. This one I actually painted for this event.

The above image is an older piece that was a bit too small so I made a gold leaf frame for it to fill out the card. It is an evening view down Nassua street (Andies Deli is on the right)

These two were a landscape study I did at the back of Spring Grove Cemetery. It was an 8x10 that I cut it to make two 5x7s. I heard the same couple were able to get both of them which is nice. Last time I was at this spot, they had bulldozed this whole area for more funeral plots. This hill and the trees are gone.

Fund Raiser for "Friends of War Orphans" is still going on. Final bidding will take place tomorrow. Stop in for coffee, music and snacks. I have at least one bid on one of my paintings. They are three 8x10 landscape studies being offered for $100. There is plenty of other work that you can buy to help this cause.

ViewPoint Well, it is still up, and I don't know what else to say. Here is a photo of one of the big losers next to his losing entry. What a freaking handsome loser!

The fund raiser for the Womens Art Club Barn in Mariemont also sold some work. I think 6 paintings sold, one of which was mine. So that is nice. And for a change this fund raiser gives a very fair portion of the funds to the artist. How novel is that?

This weekend 8 of my works sold in these events.

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