Monday, November 3, 2008

Paid to Expose

I was in the mood for nothing this weekend. I skipped two parties and an art opening that I had work in. I am officially becoming an old pecker head.
The good news is that my paintings in the Exposed Artworks show sold. I rarely sell when I go to these things, so I think the lesson here is that my work sells better if I am not around. I am not sure why that is, as I am so charismatic.
Here are the paintings that are in the show downtown. I built some cute frames out of lumber and added bolts in the corners for decoration. I then made the bolts rusty by keeping wet rags and salt on them for a few days.

Nut and Bolt, each panel 2"x 2", oil on linen

This is how they look in the frame, though this is before I stained the frame dark and made the bolts rusty.

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emil said...

really nice paintings Richard.