Monday, September 29, 2008

Sketch Group Visitor

There is a select group of artist friends of mine that I meet with every Tuesday evening at one of our studios to sketch from the figure. Lately we have been meeting at my studio. It is a great opportunity for us to study the figure, in an attempt to understand form- in addition to a lot of discussion. It also helps to share the costs of a model (we pay $12 and hour if you are interested in posing email me). Much of the discussion is random thoughts peppered with insults and cheap shots. Occasionally something profound is said, but usually that is not the case.

A few weeks ago we found out a local artist who is studying traditional painting in Florence Italy. Eager to meet a new talent, we invited Shane Wolf to sketch with us. It was great fun to meet a new local painter that is getting some good training and doing such great work. While the methods and techniques are sometimes different, the goal and the results are the same.
Though I do question his abilities as a painter, he did refuse my challenge to wrestle.

I took some photos of the group that night and thought I would post them.
This lovely group shot was taken by our model, Allison.

Group from the back, left to right is of course-me first (I look fat here), then Shane Wolf, Carl Samson, Carolyn Manto, next row is Joe Slucher, and Clem Robins and in front is Ulysses J. (Ully) Marin. It is a handsome group, though Clem has that "cat that ate the canary" look to him.

Please note: Before emailing me to ask if you can be in this group, we have limited space and allow other artists to draw with us only if they have very special qualities. Usually they are hand picked and have to go through a rigorous hazing period. If you are thinking you would like to contact me to ask if you can be in our sketch group you had better have some amazing skills- or at least be willing to bring lots of alcohol.

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shane said...

Richard! Nice to see you still busting out good work. I've just updated my site, so you can see what I've been up to lately:

Hope the sketch group is still rocking out. Send my love to the lovely, sardonic model :-)