Monday, September 29, 2008

Ohio Riverscapes Show, October 11, Noon to 7pm

I would like to point out that with the economy in the state that it is in, there are few safe place to invest your money. What a great time to invest your nest egg in fine paintings by Cincinnati's best painters (I am mostly referring to me).
My paintings are worth the same amount of money, if not more than they were before the recent stock market crash. Participate in your own economic bailout, pull your remaining cash out from under your mattress and come buy some art work.

Noon to 7 pm is a long time, so you had better at least come and visit to help the time pass. You know what else makes the time pass? People buying tons of paintings!

(I had written 12am to 7pm, which is even longer- I really need to proofread these things.)

I was going to type all of that out, but just read the above image that Brain Joiner put together. I did replace the image with one of my paintings- even though the painting will not be in the show. It just fit the spot so well. Paintings like that one will be in the show, only smaller and cheaper. That is the ole bait and switch, but instead of doing it with price, I am doing it with quality.

As you can see, refreshments will be provided by Hyde Park Biggs. Nothing sell art like cubes of cheese.

In case you are confused as to were this is, I am supplying a photo of the building, it is on Riverside Drive, which used to be Eastern Ave I think. It is near the Koka coffee shop.

There is a view of the river from this building, so you can take the art outside to compare it to the real thing if you like.

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Anonymous said...

If the time was 12 am - 7 pm, you might get a different kind of crowd coming in. Who knows? They'd probably know the value of fine art as well or at least where to sell it...