Friday, May 16, 2008

Mr. Richard J. Luschek II, SM

I recently applied for super special Signature membership of the Cincinnati Art Club. I had to drop off 5 paintings for a super secret Selection Committee. They accepted me in as a Signature Member and I am honored.
Still trying to figure out how to actually add this honor to my signature. If you were a member of the Royal Academy, you got an RA behind your name, so I suppose a 'SM' works. Should it be SMCAC (Signature Member Cincinnati Art Club)? I am sure I will find out in the next meeting.

The interesting thing about being a Signature member is that the Associate members have to carry my books and art supplies for me when I come to the club, open doors and just generally worship me as a Signature member.

I think there are secret meetings with Signature members, not unlike the Skull and Bones organization or the Masons. I am hoping to be involved in some sort of deep, dark Signature Member art conspiracies that we will discuss at length in meetings peppered with evil laughter in a cigar smoke filled room while we swirl the snifter of 20 year single malt scotch- yeah, technically a snifter is for Brandy, but that is just the kind of crazy stuff us Signature members do. Most of the crazy stuff of course I can't discuss with any of you non-Signature Members.

I probably should smoke a pipe more now. Just seems like something a Signature member should do.


jv5181 said...

hey mr. upstanding citizen!! mr "my crap is too good for a discount skat video"!!! my family is about to be inducted into the society of cincinnati!!! so take THAT and shove it up your probe hole!!! ... dude i'm sorry - that was uncalled for - I am at work and get a little restless....i guess I could erase what I just wrote but then that would be like erasing the past and the past is filled with mistakes and people learn from their mistakes....yes they do rich....yes they do....

HULK said...

I think it stands for:
Richard Luschek...smell me
That makes sense to me.