Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Painting in a week

OK, I actually worked on it for 8 days. For me that is still pretty fast. Since my last still life took what seemed to be a lifetime to finish, I thought I would cleanse my palette on a fast painting (just in case you didn't get that last little funny comment, I cleverly replaced palate with palette, as in painters palette)
I have been looking a lot at the great American painter Emil Carlson. He is one of my favorites. It is amazing how much form and atmosphere he was able to get in a picture with little to no sharp edges. I decided to finish it in a week, and I came close.
Today before going to the studio Laura had a long list of things she disliked about the painting. It was a long list that ended with, "Well, basically I just don't like it."
Can't argue with that. I went in and worked the painting till I thought she would like it. I think I did it. So here it is from beginning to end.
I took photos of the painting at the end of every day and thought I would post them all here with a bit of description.

Day 1 lay in.
Trying to get everything on the canvas fast. The big look, with accurate color. Trying to get all the major relationships figured out.

Day 2
Improving on the first day. Seeing what needs the most work, what is straggling behind, and then go there first.

Day 3 Trying to be loose, still adjusting the shape and proportions. The color got a little spotty.

Here is a shot of the set up with the painting.

Day 4
Decided the folds were too distracting, I pulled the cloth tight, and adjusted the painting.

Day 5
As I tried to adjust the color it got too jumpy. Here I try to adjust and smooth things a bit. I am trying to neutralize with compliments (for example- adding purple to the yellow areas). Still doing my best to interpret form. I am trying to get the form to pop even while I soften the edges.

Day 6
That left side felt empty and a fold creeps back in. More detail is added to the center. I am trying to get the vase in the center to pop, so I darken things a bit. I am also painting on a very dark day.

Day 7
I got too dark and gray, so I stare trying to zip it up with color. I find that many edges are too sharp, and I do my best to loose as many as possible. I want the focus to be toward the center. As that blue and white vase is pretty far to the right, I need focus to be pushing to the center to keep the balance. The painting got a little dark and dead. I am not sure what to do. I look at it for a few days away from the set up. This is the point where Laura voice her dislike for the picture.

Day 8
I have decided that the fold needs to go, again. I have flattened it a bit and am still loosing eges and trying to direct this into a nice and pleasant painting. I think warming up the back ground helped. Carl Samson stopped by the studio with some good advice and I add detail to the center of the blue vase to push it forward. I think this is a great improvement. See, I listen to my wife sometimes.

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Dave said...

Some of those color decisions are too subtle to see in yer photos...I'll have to drop by and see it.