Saturday, February 23, 2008

Painter's Tantrum

Here is an example of what can happen if you get angry at a painting and kind of go crazy. I had this painting in Rottinghaus gallery for a while. They recently gave it back and it was just sitting around the studio. The more I looked at it the more I hated it. I was never fond of the composition or the figure. The colors were too jumpy and chromatically even. The more I look the more angry I got at the picture. I tried to fix the face on the woman and knock some things back. Nothing worked and in a fit of rage I did the following. It was cathartic (If you have ever been to your typical art college, you know that is very important).

As you can see I have made some important compositional changes. I changed the girl from a boring figure, into a sexy astronaut. The dragon, one of the first impressionist creatures I have ever seen, is coming up behind her. Is he her pet, or does he wish to do harm? If so, will she notice in time to react? The tension is all there, just like the tension between the artist and his wife after she saw what he did to the painting, and the tension that exists as we wonder if the artist and his wife will have to move into a trailer if any more tantrums occur on any more supposedly finished paintings. Let us hope not.
Though, dragons pictures totally rule!


Anonymous said...

This is a brilliant solution to the age old problem of what to do with a painting that you hate. Perhaps you'll regret it later, but at least you had a few chuckles along the way as you vented. Well done, Richard!

~A Friend

Dave said...

is this photoshopped? or did you really paint it for sale? I'm VERY interested...also, can you paint one like this?

Richard Luschek said...

I really painted that on there. I did this to destroy the painting in a fun way.
I was not planning on selling this.

But, make me an offer.

HULK said...

This very good. You get better. I see this thing in Spring Groove-you capture its essence.

Amy Cefalo said...

As an artist's wife, I can say I would probably flip my wig if my husband brought that home to me. Although it is a fine dragon. Holy cow. You also forgot to mention that it is THE FIRST impressionistic sexy astronaut ever. And possibly the last? That is an art movement that began and ended with YOU- you should be proud, even if your wife isn't.

Anonymous said...

Where does she put her laser gun when she needs both hands? I believe that should have been addressed.