Friday, May 25, 2007

A Taste of Mariemont

This past Sunday I painted all day in Mariemont. I first set up at the Barn on Cambridge Ave. This is the old barn where I am looking to open a teaching studio for drawing and painting. The plan is to rent the second floor from the Women's Art Club who just purchased the building and are about the restore and make an art center out of the entire complex. I am excited about the space, as it is a large loft that will have large north facing skylights. People interested in traditional training will get a space in the studio to work in and progress through the program of cast drawing, figure drawing, and painting. While not fully involved in the early stages of the studio, Carl Samson will eventually be offering portrait and other painting workshops in the space.
I hope to have Clem Robins teaching anatomy classes, and Carolyn Manto teaching figurative sculpture.
In addition to the full time program there will be weekend and night classes covering similar topics of traditional methods.
Of course if anyone is interested in this kind of training feel free to contact me.

I then went over to the concourse to the Taste of Mariemont. I ate a bit too much food and then set up to paint the valley through the stone arbor. It is hard enough to paint when you are alone, but to do so in a crowd is quite frustrating. I ended up wiping the canvas down at the end, but I met a lot of nice people over there. One kid came up and asked me if it was free to paint. I think he thought it was an event like the sack race or the bean bag toss. I said it was free, and he quickly asked if he could paint after me. He seemed put out that I was going to hog the easel the whole time. I really should have just let him paint, I wasn't doing so well anyway.

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Joe Slucher said...

Treating kids like that won't get you any fans Richard!