Friday, February 16, 2018

Is Blogging Dead?

I'm sure my adoring public is waiting with bated breath concerning my thoughts on the importance and relevance of blogs.
Honestly I'm just asking. So my question was more an act of baited breath.
When I started my blog it was a great way to work out my ideas and strong opinions on art. It is a lot of work- somehow I still manage to have typos and misspellings. Basically I have enjoyed my time as a blogger but as you can see, over the years the number of posts has been drastically falling. I recently added an event on my phone to remind me to post every Thursday, which I have mostly been ignoring since I set it up first of the year.
Social media has changed things since I began this blog. Ive noticed that it has been come as satisfying for me to work on a 140 character tweet (yes I know Twitter is now 208 characters- I will never accept that change). Posting an image a day with a short description on Instagram is very doable with not much work.

We are constantly tempted by click bait, enjoy sound bites, funny quips and memes. Do people have the attention to muddle through a long blog post?
I may try to ramp this up again as a more regular effort, but with an effort to try to keep the posts shorter and to the point.
Keep in mind I am also playing with the idea of  a video blog of some sort on my YouTube channel, which may in time replace the efforts I put in to an old fashioned "wordy, have to read it" style thing like this.
Please, let me know what you think.

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