Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fall Painting Class this Saturday

This is a class for painters of all levels. Beginners are welcome.
Fall Landscape class starting next weekend- Saturdays 10-1, Oct 8th thru Nov 5. Fee $180.

We will spend the entire class in one location (Still to be determined- considering a park on the river) allowing folks the time to work on a piece for multiple sessions.

A Kiss from Johnny, by Robert Harris (1952)
I have a very hands on approach to my teaching and give very thorough critiques (rarely as intimate as the above painting indicates). Come enjoy the cooler weather and the fall colors.  With "Cincinnati's most charming painting teacher", we will meet at a scenic parks to learn to sketch and to paint with oils. Drawing on the ideas of impressionism, you will practice the techniques needed to complete painted sketches, including basic composition, value, pattern, color spotting, and covering the canvas. Then, building on those skills, you will complete a larger fully realized landscape painting that will capture the impression of light and color of the Cincinnati landscape. Details and directions to the various locations will be given in class. No experience necessary
One thing I will be stressing is that what we are doing is landscape painting- and not Plein Air. We are Americans! Students are not allowed to call it 'plein air' unless they are actually French.

 Email me if you have questions at
Or call 513-479-3322 

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Clem Robins said...

THANK YOU for banishing the term "plein air". i hate gratuitous French terms, especially when they get italicized.

"open air" is a perfectly respectable term.