Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Landscape Class and Museums

If you take my class I promise you that your work will not get into the MOBA (Museum of Bad Art) like the work below by an unknown artist.

Imagine Going From This:
22" x 28", Acrylic on canvas
Acquired from trash
To This!
In just 8 weeks!

Frank Benson
Great White Herons, 1933
29" x 24", Oil
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Individual results may vary.

So, the above transformation may not happen at first, but I will keep your work out of the Museum of Bad Art. Probably doubtful you'll hang in any museum really- unless you keep taking the class over and over.
If you have never painted before but have always wanted to, this is a great introductory class that will take the fear out of oil painting.  This class is for both hobbyists and professionals. It is also a good class for teens trying to build a portfolio for college. Students that have taken the class multiple times see continued improvement. I try to introduce the techniques in a simple, easy to understand manner, not mention it is loads of fun.
Here is the information, and a link to the University site where you sign up.
Sat., 10 am-1 pm; April 12-May 31; 8 wks; $199 (no discounts), supplies are the student’s responsibility. A list will be sent with your enrollment confirmation or see 
Location: First class meets at my studio in Eden Park; then at various parks thereafter.
Click here to register.

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