Saturday, November 23, 2013

Secret Revealed

So, my Secrets are apparently not too secret as everyone seems to know which ones are mine. It is either that or something to do with pheromones. Nah, lets say it has to do with the visual charm of the work. That probably sounds better.
Mine was snatched up quickly by someone who already has around 4 of my secret cards from the past few years. Interestingly, on the very first Secret Artworks event 6 years ago, this same collector, who did not know me at the time, was with her husband. When the doors opened, they both rushed off to get cards they liked. They both separately got cards I had painted- obviously having no idea who did them.  Pretty cool considering there are usually close to 1000 5x7 cards by various artists to search through. Last year, her husband grabbed the card I painted as well. 
Here is my card for this years 2013 Secret Artworks which they can hang in the Richard Luschek section of their collection.
Clean Thoughts, 7 x 5, oil shellacked paper , ©copyright Richard Luschek 2013
It is probably my favorite opening of the year. The work is donated and the funds raised go to the various Artworks community programs. Artists that donate work get to attend a hip and happening party (oddly I don't get to go to those very often).
I thought I would post a few process shots.
The artists are sent simple postcards. I decided to coat the paper with orange shellac which protects the paper from the oil paint and gives a warm tone to paint on.
I taped the card to a board and started painting. I wanted to create a little story and continue my series of light bulbs.
Here is a shot after about 40 minutes. I did not do a drawing, but just started painting on the orange card, doing my best to cover it fast. You can see the scene with the bulb suspended by a wire. You can also see the other Mr. Clean doll I have laying nearby on the table. Yes, I have 4 Mr. Clean dolls, you wanna make something of it?!
I got big shapes down and just continued refining and pushing shapes around. Here it is after about another hour.
 I let it dry setting it near the furnace pipe and then refined it on a second day to get to the finished image you see at the top of this post.
If you are an artist in Cincinnati and are not doing this event, what are you thinking?

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