Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Powdering my Wig

I am heading to Madison Indiana to judge their 15th Annual Regional Fall Show. I will be following that up by teaching a two day Still Life workshop for the Madison Art Club.

I have posted a few times about judging shows, it is something I really enjoy and I believe it tends to sharpen my views on what makes for a good picture.
If you live in the area there is still time to sign up for the workshop. It promises to be a fun and informative couple of days.

Painting Workshop
Madison, Indiana,  September 13 - 14
Learn the greater art of “seeing” as practiced by the Boston School Tradition and how it is applied to Painting Still Life. 
Participants will gather items they wish to paint and begin arranging them.
The focus of this class is to provide an initial introduction to the steps taken and the principles applied in the art of still life painting.

This includes:

    -the conception of a "visual" idea for a painting. 
    -the arrangement  and organization of values, hues, and chromas on the canvas    -the execution of a coherent and helpful charcoal drawing with which to compose the stuff within the picture plane. |
    -the execution of  a lay-in or 'start' in oil.
    -what to consider while pushing towards a finish.

Fee: $175 per person, supplies not included. Class limited to 15 students.

I will post next week as a follow-up on both the show and the class. 

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