Saturday, July 6, 2013

More Frames

Cincinnati Art Galleries recently had a frame sale. Once again, I was tempted, and drove down to have a look. C.A.G. is this cities foremost gallery of antique paintings, so I was excited about the possibilities. The sale did not disappoint.

It was my wedding anniversary, so I showed serious restraint and only purchased 3 frames. I had been warned by my lovely wife about bringing too many more frames homes.
All of of these frames will be slipped around my paintings in the near future. Two were particularly exciting as they at one time framed paintings by two of painters from Cincinnati's Golden age of painting- John Weis and Joseph Sharp.
One of the frames even had a gold leafed tag for Joseph Sharp. It is a nice rustically carved wooden frame from Mexico with a pleasant finish.  Not sure what to do with the tag, I may save it and make my own, or repaint the tag with my own name.
I am not sure what painting was originally in this frame, but I imagine it was probably an Indian picture. As it turns out I am 1/16th American Indian. I believe my Great Great Grandmother was Sioux Indian. Not sure I can pull it off but maybe a self portrait capturing that heritage?  I mean if Johnny Depp can do it in his latest film.... We both make very handsome Indians.

The painting I so rudely forced myself upon is one by Joseph Henry Sharp (1859-1953), called Bear Nose- Sioux, 9" X 6".

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