Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Art Of Winning- and Begging

One of my paintings was just selected for a show at the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Museum.
A Monster Attacks at Breakfast, 22" x26", oil on linen, ©copyright Richard Luschek 2012
I know what you're thinking if you follow this blog, "For goodness sake, how many times are we going to see this painting discussed on this blog? Has this guy painted any other paintings?!"
Yeah I know. Sorry, but you are going to have to deal with it. It is multi-award winning painting. What is a guy to do?

The show is called the Art of Winning and will open on March 2 and run through the 30th. As was stated in the show description: "This is a juried show. The artwork must be inspired by baseball and will be evaluated on the Reds Hall of Fame's mission statement: "Celebrating Greatness, Preserving History, Providing Inspiration" as well as skill, message and presentation. Only 30 submissions will be selected for the show. A cash prize will be awarded for the art judged to be the best piece in the exhibition on March 9 as part of the Art of Winning event and sale. A portion of the proceeds from the art sale will benefit the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum."

Apparently they are going to let fans and museum goers vote on their favorite work- this along with a group of select judges will choose the winner.
So basically, I am begging you to go vote so I can win the big prize. Now I know you should go pick the best one, or at least your favorite and I have no problem with that, as long as we can agree that your favorite is my painting.

In all seriousness, please visit the show. I am not sure if there is an official opening for the show. I will let you know when I find out more information.

Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Museum
Tuesday - Sunday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Closed on Mondays
100 Joe Nuxhall Way
Cincinnati, OH 45202

call (513) 765-7923 for more information

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