Monday, January 24, 2011

Revisiting old Themes

Morning News, 8 x 10, oil on linen, 2011

Three weeks ago I got an email that my painting called Morning News was selected to be in a show and charity auction held in New York on the floor of the New York Stock exchange. I was very excited, except for the part about how that very painting had sold two days prior. I had that painting in galleries for almost 3 years and nothing, all of a sudden it is supposed to be in two places at once.
Since I had some time, I suggested I paint another similar painting for the show. They agreed. Above you can see the painting I did last week. The auction will be happening at the end of this week. 

Below is the older version, now hanging in someone home in Glendale. While I liked this painting, the new one above is better for a few reasons, one is just that the cup is a more pleasing shape. I think the colors are a bit more subtle. Plus, I am a better painter now. It was fun to revisit a theme and see how I could improve on it. The goal of both paintings was to make some interesting abstract shapes with the contrasting colors of the table cloth and the newspaper which reads a bit on the purple side. The arrangement forms three yellow triangles all of various sizes around the coffee cup. 
Morning News, 8 x 10, oil on linen, 2008-Private Collection

Juried, Charity Auction to benefit Susan G’s Komen’s Breast Cancer Research , in association with Susan G. Komen.
The NYC chapter of Susan G. Komen is having an event for their young professionals on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange, with a reception after.  There will be a Silent Auction, and The Brigham Galleries will participate.  We will have computers at the event so people can bid on a selection of artworks.

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