Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Caffeinated Auction

Three of my pieces were selected for the Juror's Picks at the Brigham Gallery Auctions.
Espresso with Blue, Pink and Green, Each 5x3, oil on wood
This time I listed them with a "Buy it Now!" option. The site does not have the exclamation point, but it should be there.
It is a good time to buy some work at a good price. The three paintings above can be purchased separately of course, but would also look good as a set. Each one is 5"x3.5" and are painted in oil on shellacked cherry plywood. They are being sold unframed, but if you are interested purchasing them with frames, I have some small frames to go with them or I can even build some frames specifically for the pieces.
Another painting that is being offered at a pretty big discounted price is one that has not ever been offered in a gallery. It has been in my studio for a while since it was the first still life I painted on my own just after I ended my study in New Hampshire. This painting was an attempt to arrange some odd objects in order to get a pleasant abstraction with lots of color in spite of the odd subject matter. This one has received a lot of comments, and folks are often coming up with their own ideas as to the subject in this painting. I even titled it "Old Frying Pan" to get away from the obvious subject matter.
 Old Frying Pan(16x12)oil on linen, 2004
If you are interested, register and place a bid. This one has a "BUY IT NOW!" offer as well. 
Click here to see the paintings offered in the auction and for more information. There are some photos of the frame for the above painting which I personally restored and adjusted to fit the theme- yeah I know, I said it didn't have one- but it matches and is very cool.
If you buy it locally I will personally deliver them to your home and help you find a place to hang them. We can then drink coffee and discuss our personal favorite scenes from Star Wars.

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