Sunday, January 3, 2010

You should learn something!

Happy New Year Everyone!
Can you think of a better resolution for the New Year than to improve yourself?
Is one of your resolutions to take classes with some amazing teacher to improve your painting? Maybe you decided that this is the year to spend more time with a scruffy but lovable curmudgeon.

Well, if you decide to take my class, you could satisfy all of those resolutions. It just so happens that I am offering a class in Oil Painting this winter at the Woman's Art Club. The class is filling up, so let me know soon.
I am showing this still life since it ties in with two of my resolutions- To paint more doughnut pictures, while eating less doughnuts.

Oil Painting Still Life with Me [Thursdays, January 14 - March 18, from 6:30pm to9:30pm]: A beginning painting course where the students will not only begin with the very basics of painting but will begin to learn how to see and study nature.The Student's own work is the forum for inculcating this knowledge through verbal instruction, demonstrations and hands-on critiques.
Focus of class is to provide introduction to principles of oil painting and its application in the design and rendering of still life.
Some points that will be covered in the class:
i. the conception of a visual idea for a painting
ii. arrangement and organization of values, hues and chromas
iii. the execution of a coherent, helpful charcoal drawing with which to compose the stuff within the picture frame.
iv. the execution of a lay-in or start in oil
v. what to consider while pressing on towards the finish
There will also be plenty of suggested reading.
Please contact me for a full supply list.
Cost of the class is $250, ($50 deposit will hold your spot) ; supplies are the student’s responsibility. Limited to 11 students. Located in at the Woman's Art Club and Cultural Art Center, 6980 Cambridge Ave. in Mariemont, Ohio,
More info @ 513-479-3322,, &

Here is an action shot of me doing a demonstration for a class.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of painting all the food that you Should Not eat. That way you can get it out of the frig or out of the cabinets and not feel guilty about letting it go to waist - I mean, waste...

Clem Robins said...

i hate to be in the position of endorsing Mr. Luschek, but i took his still life class four years ago, and it was the most understandable and the most useful painting instruction i had ever experienced.

do it.

Richard J. Luschek II said...

Well, I probably will continue to eat bad food. I like it too much. But it is a good idea.

Clem, thanks for the kind words. Look for your check, it is in the mail.

Anonymous said...

it better be a lot of money