Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring with nude

Nothing like spring to make one think about frolicking in nature. While I have never really done it, I have always been of the opinion that frolicking in it's truest sense should be done sans clothing.
I have a few new works to show that can at least let you celebrate this idea vicariously.
This is my first time venturing out to paint plein air since last fall. I had every intention of doing some winter snow paintings, but just kept ending up in my heated studio- I really don't like painting in the freezing cold.
Having a studio in Eden Park is a constant temptation to go outside the studio and paint, especially when the weather gets pleasant. I am within walking distance of the magnolia garden near Krohn Conservatory and try to get there every spring to paint. My early spring attempts are usually pretty poor, as I am out of practice painting landscape. Plus one has to reacquaint oneself to the bright colors of spring under full sunlight and push off that film that seems to cover ones eyes after a winter indoor painting still life. I was standing fairly close to the subject in an attempt to make an interesting arrangement of the blooms. I did this in about 3 hours, and then worked on it a bit in the studio moving somethings around to my liking.

Magnolia Grove, 14 x 11, oil on linen, 2009

While the following drawings are not of frolicking, they are recent sketches from our Tuesday night sketch group. We have been blessed with some wonderful models. The first was done in about 2 hours, the second was a little less time.

Figure study, 12 x 9, charcoal on paper, 2009

Figure study, 12 x 9, charcoal on paper, 2009
This drawing could have used a bit more time. There are some issues here, but I was pretty happy with the effect given the time involved.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Richard, your springtime frolicking has paid off. Those magnolias are a tribute to the essence of the spring spirit. Light, delicate and lovely. Well done!