Sunday, December 14, 2008

Diamond Skull discount!

While I think Damien Hirst is a genius in the marketing of himself as a product, his art is basically porn. Not very good porn, and porn that has someone else makes for him most of the time. I suppose coming up with brilliant ideas is enough, like "hey, let's stick a real shark in a vat of formaldehyde!"
Though he did recently make $198 million in a single auction of his work, which is a bit more than I have ever made. So, he has the last laugh.

He is fascinated with death, and likes to take dead animals and display it to satisfy this obsession.
I don't want to spend a lot of time on him, but one of his recent works is supposedly worth around $98 million. It is a cast of an actual skull in platinum and covered in diamonds (it costs about $20-30 million to make).
It did sell, but it turned out that it was bought by a group of investors that Hirst was himself a member. So, that is one way to get your prices up. Seems a bit shady. But if you are displaying death to make money..........

Anyway, I found one that is much cheaper, plus it lights up and has a motor to rotate it. It is less depressing and would be great at parties. It is only $39.99. They sell it at BudK and I suggest you go out and get yourself a great work of art at a discount price.
I have purchased things there before and they have been to my manly satisfied. I may have to get me one of these skulls for the studio.

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Anonymous said...

The BudK version reminds me of C-3P0.