Friday, August 15, 2008

Baker-Hunt Art Center Flower Show- Aug 16, 5-9pm

My huge solo show is still going on at UC Clermont college (see the post below)
A well known Cincinnati resident said "It really is the show of the year and if you don't see it you really have some serious lack in taste and morals".

OK, I am the one that said it, but it's true.

Now, if that isn't enough Luschek for you, I have 5 paintings in a show at the Baker Hunt Flower Show. It is a charity event with proceeds going to Hospice of Cincinnati. There are quite a few people in the show. Somehow my name didn't make it on the card. Can you imagine? They left me off. Don't they know who I am? I have a solo show! In Batavia! Don't they know I own a sword?
Well, I am in the show, so if you are dying to buy one of my paintings and/or you want to donate to Hospice, go check it out.

Baker Hunt Foundation
620 Greenup Street Covington, Kentucky 41011 (859) 431-0020 Fax (859) 431-9358

Here are some of my paintings currently on view.

Blue Watering Can, 20x16, oil on canvas

Tulips by the Studio, 7x5, Oil on panel

Summer Rose, 5x5, oil on linen

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Anonymous said...

Summer Rose is BEAUTIFUL!!! People are nuts if they don't snatch it up... and that's my humble, expert opinion.