Saturday, April 12, 2008

When you have really 'Made It'

OK, now I have had favorable reviews of my work show up online and in newspapers, had work juried into national shows, won a few awards, have had my illustrations published and distributed in other countries, and have a painting in a museum, but this is when you really know you have made it:
When kids think your work is cool and copy it themselves.

My brother works with someone that has two talented young artist sons. They are around 9 or 10 I think. My brother, works as an structural engineer type person for some fancy company place where he does things and gets paid for it (I should pay more attention to what he says) Anyway, while at work he saw that one of his co-workers had some of his kids drawings in his office. He mentioned that I pretend to be an artist and showed him my website. Before you know it, his kids had printed and copied some of my work. My brother sent me some photos.
I am posting some examples here:

This is an illustration I did for a game called Harn a few years ago. The original is on my website. These are creatures that supposedly attack you and eat your eyes. Cool huh?
Here is what they came up with.

This one was a Crazy Viking dude I did for someone in Sweden. He has a huge dent in his head from an old injury. My original is on the left. The other two are both by Asher (I think I spelled that right).

This one I did for the founder and publisher of the local neighborhood newspaper- the Clifton Chronicle. He likes rhinos. So I did this as a gift. Here is the original.
Below is the copy.

It is pretty fun to see kids interpret your work, even though they will be getting a nasty letter from my lawyer!

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HULK said...

Those are awesome. Which lawyer would that be? You only have like 8 or 9.. You should change your name to Richard Litigious.