Thursday, January 10, 2008

An Illustrious Month

I have not been painting too much lately, but mostly staying home to catch up on a huge list of illustration orders that have been piling up. I thought I would post a few here just to show you what I have been working on. I had a list of over 120 to do and since a little before Christmas have gotten through about half of them. I do the bulk of my illustrations for a company called Columbia Games. They publish and sell a fantasy role-playing game called Harn. The rest of the work I do are for the fans that play the game and want illustrations for their own group of players. Much of the fan produced work is posted online in PDFs that can be downloaded for free. While I do make these up, I am generally working from a pretty specific description. So I have to try to match the text of the article. Sometimes the description is pretty open ended, like "a tough looking Viking Lord". It is a fun diversion from painting, and it is nice to get paid to play around and draw characters, medieval castles and the occasional monster.

Here are a just a few that I have drawn in the past few weeks. The one above is an odd magician story teller, and the other two are Vikings I did for someone in Sweden for their game.

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