Sunday, November 11, 2007

Secret Artworks 2007

I am participating in for the second year in a row in the Secret ArtWorks fund raiser for the ArtWorks program. Artists were asked to do small works on provided 5x7 cards. The work is donated to the event and sold by ArtWorks for $75. The trick is you have no idea who did the work till you buy it and turn it over to see the name on the back. So the thing to do is just buy work you like. It may be a work by a local high school student or a nationally know artist with work in a museum.

Just so you know, I did 3 little paintings.

Could be a good way to get some Christmas presents.

The works can be previewed here (there are over a 1000 to look at) and they go on sale:

Thursday, November 15, 2007
Westin Hotel – Fountain Room

7-10 p.m. Secret ArtWorks Sale & Cocktail Party.

    • Free admission
    • Secret Works of Art for sale
    • Cash Bar
    • Meet the artists
Hope to see you there

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