Thursday, July 12, 2007

Stinky Wagon

Here is a painting I did at my friend Jeff Gandert's house. Jeff is a wonderful wildlife painter that lives near Milford. He has some wonderful property that he lives on with his dogs and a bunch of chickens. Carl Samson and I drove out there to do some landscape painting. First thing, Jeff made us some omelets with fresh eggs. In his living room he had a cage with about 28 small chicks that he just got in the mail- did you know they mail live chicks in a box? We had a low key day, but I did do one painting that I kind of liked. I enjoyed the view of his yard from just inside the tree line of the woods behind his house, but it needed something. So I pushed an old wheel barrow with a flat tire from his house to the middle of my picture. Unfortunately I realized that this is the wagon holds that stuff that gets cleaned out of the dog cages. Also, unfortunate was the direction of the breeze. I had a great time painting this picture, despite the occasional whiff of dog doody.

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